Friday, 6 April 2018

Italy - Pisa and Rome

Honeymoon Sep 2016

From Venice to Rome, we stopped by Pisa for a few hours for Pisa Tower.

this shot abit failed ah..

Then we rushed off for our next train with 2 hours interval to continue our journey to Rome.

Our first stop in Rome - Colosseum

We booked the Colosseum underground tour tickets online to avoid all the queuing. 
*Note that do not buy any black market ticket while q-ing and be aware of which q to follow to enter with your timeslot. Also, no bagpack is allowed in the Colosseum. They are quite strict on this.

Trevi Fountain. Too many people to take a decent shot here.

Their tiramisu from Pompi

original flavour

Their street market

So many varieties of pasta!

Went back Colosseum to see it light up at night.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Italy - Venice

Honeymoon Sep 2016

We took the train on 9.32am from Zurich to Venice for 7 hours. I have been wanting to come to Venice since primary school. It has been a dream city for me. We spent 4 days here.

Venice welcomed us with a rainbow!

Bridge of Sighs

Saint Mark's Square

Next morning at Murano(renowned for its long tradition of glass-making)

Burano (known for its brightly colored fishermen's houses)

Back at Venice main island at Rialto Bridge

gondola ride at euro80 but can share with 6 people. We shared with another couple who were waiting for the gondola ride hehe

On top of San Marco Campanile overseeing the whole island.

The plan for third day was to get lost in the island. We could totally get lost if we did not use GPS.

Bye Venice, you have been amazing...