Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Everyday I'm Travelling ~

I'm a travel person. 

I always feel that planning for a free and easy trip is a very long tedious frustrating process but will have a sense of achievement and satisfaction after the trip. Agree?

I hope this blog will help you ease a little pain for your holiday planning ^.^

Let me started with the most basic one first.

What you will need to prepare for any f&e trip :

i) Flight/Hotel
Make full use of social media advertisment! Like all the online flight and hotel discount booking (eg. AgodaZujiExpedia and etc) on Facebook. These websites include flight+hotel packages as well.
I would suggest to book hotel near main train station for a less hassle/tiring trip.
Read their reviews too!

ii) Places of Interest
Always research for places of interest on various websites for your further planning of itinerary.
- Official tourism website/organisation : can get many discounted deals, travel brochures and workshops
- Travel blogs : more pictures and personal reviews

iii) MRT map
One of the most essential preparation is to get your hand on the country's MRT map. This is for you to mark down the nearby train station for your places of interest. This definitely aids on your itinerary planning.
What even better is to download an app on your smartphone. Go paperless. Go Green!

iv) Itinerary
Plan your itinerary beforehand if you wish to cover all the places of interest! Remember to save a copy of your itinerary on your smartphone.
If you are one of those walk-one-step-see-one-step tourists, then good luck have fun lol.

v) Weather
Get yourself be updated with country's weather forecast. You never knew if there is any sudden change of weather that might ruin your trip.

vi) A good pair of shoes
The purpose of travelling oversea is to explore the country right? Be it shopping or sightseeing will have lots of walking around. Hence, a pair of good walking comfortable shoes doubtlessly be the consideration of pre trip preparation.

Good luck and have fun!Let's get this blog started! Yoosh!

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