Wednesday 9 October 2013

Thailand - Koh Samui

Koh Samui Trip April 2013

Yays! Finally a beach trip after so long! Kind of impromptu trip and I were so excited about this holiday. 

Koh Samui airport was very small and it only has two custom counters and one luggage belt as you can see below. We felt like we were VIPs though. lol

Accomodation - Chaba Samui Resort

This resort location is really good. It is just next to the Chaweng beach (probably just 5 min walk from your hotel room to the beach) and it provides very good massages services by the beach!

Source: Chaba Samui Resort
When we first arrived to our hotel room, we saw this two elephants folded towels on the bed welcoming us. The hotel staffs are really talented in folding towels into their country animal. ^.^ Thank you Chaba Samui Resort for making us feel so loveeeed!

Breakfast at hotel. You can choose what kind of eggs you want. They have poached eggs, scrambled eggs, sunny side up, hard boiled eggs and etc.. you name it, they have it.  

They provided complimentary massages services for us! Bf really enjoying himself huh.. while I was eating grilled corn. 

Pad Thai for lunch

Chaba Samui Resort
19 Chaweng Beach Rd., Bo Put Koh-Samui, Suratthani 84320, Thailand 
Tel : (66 77) 230 407 -10, 422 135-7 

Songkran - Water Festival in Koh Samui

Yes! This is the festival of throwing water on people and they will not get angry over it. 

It normally lasts for a week or so in other parts of Thailand (eg. Chiang Mai) but they only celebrate for 1 day in Koh Samui.

The partying was all along the streets. Even tourists specially came to Thailand to experience this festival. We were so lucky that our stay here was in this period coincidentally. People stood by the street holding water guns and water buckets to "bless" people or cars that were passing by. 

We were so carefully avoiding such water blessing that bf did not notice there was a guy hiding behind the walls waiting to splash on him. After a few seconds, he was caught off guard and being poured from his top of his head by a full bucket of water. I was standing behind my bf so I saw the whole incident. I laughed out sooo loud and pretty sure my tears came out. Then he decided to walk along the beach on the rest of the day. 

Activites to do in Koh Samui

1) Elephant trekking

The locals there asked if we would like to have our photo taken using their professional camera at shocking high price. Obviously, we rejected. Surprisingly, my elephant trainer offered to take our pictures using our own camera! How nice! Also also, my elephant's name is Jumbo. Lol

2) Horse riding

Romantic ride along the beach with two little boys leading the horses. lol 

3) Parrots talent show
LOL got bitten by the parrot but still want to pose nicely for the camera...

4) Snorkelling

By the Chaweng beach


And cheap! I think around THB 20 each. 

Banana boat


Swing swing swing




Fresh seafood. Did you see what I see? 

Romantic settings along the beach

many failed shots before the successful ones

Thank bf for being so patience lol 

First time I ever tried pleating and I LOVE IT! 

I was all sun tanned.. 

Now I was a little regret that we did not manage to catch Thai Boxing show there.. a little expensive.. around SGD50 per head for less than 30 min show. 

Good bye Koh Samui. Thanks for having us over~

Looking forward to another beach holiday~ ^.^

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