Friday 31 January 2014

#FoodHoppingSG - Sinpopo BRAND 新泡泡甜品小吃

Sinpopo BRAND 新泡泡甜品小吃 - #OldSchool

Old people love to say "想当年... 想当年..."

Bright red sliding gates, metal biscuit tins and a fat screen TV set assembled at the entrance. Upon entering, I was swamped with songs and after songs of Chinese oldies music from a bygone times, for instance the unforgettable Teresa Teng's folk songs. Old music discs and vintage posters on the walls together with flimsy tables and uncomfortable wooden stools are the typical setup 60s-style of coffeeshop.

This #oldschool concept cafe is opened by the owners of Awfully Chocolate.

It is very hard to find such a #oldschool cafes in such a modernized city. This is definitely a big draw to boys, girls, olds and youngs. You might be sitting beside a family of three-generations or elderly couples reminiscing about their "想当年" or a group of friends talking about their childhoods.

Awfully chocolate owners really captured the hearts of all ages. #GoodBusinessIdea

Of course, they offer local signature dishes such as nasi lemak, john roti, ngoh hiang and many others. Customers just have to click their choices on the menu paper and pass to the waiter. While waiting, I rambled around the shop and surprised to find that they are so detailed enough that all their equipment are so #oldschool as well! Like their coffee maker jars, cups and ice crusher.

Fake bird nest drink - my favorite pasar malam drink lol

Lo Gai Yik (marinated chicken rice) and chicken curry rice - $8.90 each. 

Black carrot cake (actually quite nice)

Ais Bor (ice ball) -$3.90

Given the name, their main attraction is their desserts which I totally agree even though I only tried their ais bor. You think it is only a ice ball drenched with coconut milk and coloured syrup but you will be surprised to see ice kacang ingredients (like red beans, attap seeds and lychee jelly balls) inside the ice ball.

This is a place where can go for ambience but maybe not for their food. I don't mind going back for desserts though. 

Having local desserts in a classic settings and listening oldies folk songs is a new unfounded pleasure!

Sinpopo BRAND 新泡泡甜品小吃
Address: 458 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427671
Sun - Thu: 12:00 - 22:00 
Fri - Sat: and Eve of PH 12:00 - 00:00 
Closed: Monday

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  1. I do find their food quite yummy though. Desserts on the other hand, is quite good too but slightly sweeter to y liking..