Monday 31 March 2014

Thailand - Bangkok : #CafeHoppingBKK After You dessert cafe

Dessert Cafe - After You

The first thing you gonna notice about this dessert cafe is its super long queue. Being super kiasu Singaporean, of course queue right! #goodfoodofcoursemustwait lol

The first time I visited this dessert cafe was with my girlfriends at Siam Paragon's branch and we waited for at least 1.5 hour standing outside the cafe. We took turn to shop around. Do not think they accept reservation, otherwise, why would so many people crowd outside the premises. #clevermove

Lesson learnt. This time, we reached the cafe very early in the morning and I guess not many know of Central World's branch. No queue at all and we got to choose the seats we want lol.. #notgoodsignforthecafethough

desserts always the good start of the day~ sugar rush

Bf's favourite matcha latte 

My favourite mocha 115bahts

Shibuya Honey Toast 165bahts

If you do not know what to order still, try their signature Shibuya honey toast. Their toast indeed was well baked near to perfection. Outside was crispy but not too hard whereas inside was warm and soft but not so soggy that it could not take the weight of the vanilla ice cream on top. If you like even sweeter, can always add honey on top to bring out the buttery taste. 

Try the original flavour before trying any other flavour. Would be even better if we get to choose the flavour of the ice cream.. 

Hint: best served for 2-3 people. 

After You Dessert Cafe
Branch visited at Central World, Level 5
Nearest BTS station: Siam station

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