Sunday 15 June 2014

Cambodia Day 1 (Siem Reap) : Angkor Wat Putt + Old Market/Pub Street

5D4N in Cambodia Feb 2014 : Siem Reap

The best period to tour Cambodia is December to February when the weather is more cool and dry (low humidity and infrequent rain). Though this period can be dry and dusty, google says it is by far the most comfortable and perfect for touring the city. Ok lah.. I would rather dry and dusty than wet and muddy.

We have made all the transport arrangement online before the trip. We hired Sam Tuk Tuk services as our main transport in Siem Reap. Just nice he also stationed at Angkor Pearl Hotel which we were staying as well!

Our 2 nights stay in SR. The room was quite spacious!


After settling down our luggages in the hotel, we headed to our first destination in SR - Angkor Wat Putt. 

Angkor Wat Putt is 14 hole miniature golf course where players can play around the 9 accurate replicas of the world famous Angkor Temples including Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm, Bayon, Banteay Srei, Preah Vihear and the Terrace of the Elephants.

Initially, I thought it was so lame to go play miniature golf in Cambodia but it was actually a good idea to see all the miniature replicas of the temples before we see the real big ones the next day.

It was a cooling late afternoon ^.^

FREE beer or drink for every hole in 1 try! Our motivation! lol #verycheapskate

Hole #1! It looked easy enough....

...but we did many attempts before the bloody ball finally went into the hole..

We were laughing at each other for being so dumb at miniature golf lol

Hole #3 - Elephant Terrace

Nice sunlight angle 

Hole #4 looks boring..

We slowly gotten the hang of it

Wow hole #5 looked very challenging!

Hole #6

Hole #7 - Banteay Srei

Hole #8

Hole #9. One try into the hole! Well done LCF! #ithinksheisjustluckyonly haha #soreloser

Hole #10

Hole #11. Bf also one hit into the hole! This one confirmed by luck one lol

Hole #12. Then he also one try into the hole... wth.. 

Hole #13. If only he could continue his winning momentum lol

Hole #14. The last one!

Why all the temples looked the same one? 

Yays we have 3 free drinks! We took large mineral water so we no need to buy. #Smart

Angkor Wat Putt
Address: 7 Makara Road
Opening hours: 7.30 am to 10pm daily

Then we headed straight to Old Market/Pub Street for our dinner and massage! Not all cambodians knows english well enough so better to communicate with your driver well beforehand.

Walk walk around the market before settling down for dinner...

We were already eyeing which massage place we wanted to relax after dinner~

Particularly love this kind of paintings..

Shopping time at night market!

Angkor night market is the first the original night market in Siem Reap and it opens in the mid afternoon until midnight. It harbors more than 200 thatch roofed shops. 

Typically, all the stores are selling pretty much the same stuff - silk, scarves, clothings, handicrafts, art, souvenirs and etc. 

Love these prints but too expensive.. 

Then we settled down for dinner near this Island Bar which strongly recommended by the handmade silk store owner.

No pic for food due to poor lighting and hence blurish.. Cocktails are cheapppp! 

We walked back to pub street after dinner and we saw alot of stalls selling fried insects. I could not imagine putting them in my mouth ~.~

Fried tarantula ~.~"" snake?

After seeing tarantula and snake, this crickets looked mehh... lol

Pub street is the most happening street in Siem Reap after the sun goes down where it is also known as Siem Reap's party hub.

The curbside seating fills, the bars crank up the mucis and the street is blocked to motor traffic. Most of the drinking venues stay open until at least midnight and some until near dawn.

This concluded our first day in Cambodia..

Came back to hotel and saw this. Thank You Angkor Pearl Hotel for wishing us Valentine Day in advance!

Angkor Night Market
Opening hours: 4pm till midnight

Pub Street
Opening hours: 5pm till midnight

Photo credits to LCF


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