Saturday 24 June 2017

Japan - Hokkaido : Asahikawa Winter Festival

Sapporo - Feb 2016

Here we go to the Asahikawa Winter Festival which is Hokkaido's second largest winter festival after Sapporo's Snow Festival.

The Asahikawa Winter Festival held at two spots - Heiwa Dori pedestrian zone and Asahibashi Site. Heiwa Dori pedestrian zone is a 10-15min walk away from Asahibashi Site by foot. There are free shuttle bus from station to Asahibashi Site.

We planned to walk from station to Heiwa Dori pedestrian zone to Asahibashi site then take the free shuttle bus back to the station.

Heiwa Dori pedestrian zone is a long pedestrian street that lined with 50-60 ice sculptures.

All their ice sculptures were all very impressive and could see that they all made alot effort in it.

We had to walk through Tokiwa Park in order to get to the main site.

We have reached the main site - Asahibashi Site!! SO IMPRESSIVE

We first to get ourselves some food first.

The slide was open for all and we played this a couple of times! 

Asahikawa Winter Festival
Direction: Take JR from Sapporo to Asahikawa JR station

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