Sunday, 24 December 2017

France - Paris

Honeymoon Sep 2016

We took the 2hr15min Eurostar ride from London to Paris. We spent 5 days in Paris before heading to Zurich by train.

First stop was Sacre-Coeur church located on summit of Montmartre (highest point in city).

Wall of Love right outside the Montmartre station

Next we headed to Galeries Lafayette (upmarket French department store chain). It is similar to our Takashimaya or Paragon. We spotted this L'├ęclair which famous for their eclair. Their citron and yuzu flavour is really really good!

Then we went to the roof and saw this beautiful sight

We met up with Michelle who coincidentally in the city when we were there! She brought us to her favourite duck confit restaurant.

Notre Dame de Paris

Famous bookstore - Shakespear and Company near Notre Dame de Paris. Triumph in the Skies II has filmed in here before.


Stopped by a random restaurant which happened to be one of the recommended restaurant in TripAdvisor. 

We strolled to The Louvre to digest our lunch.

behind the scene

Welcome To France

Arc De Triomphe

omg didnt know we have to climb 284 spiral staircase to see this view.

Champs-Elysees shopping street

Palace of Versailles

We were going up the Eiffel Tower! We bought the ticket online to avoid queuing.

I had extended birthday in 2016 due to time difference. Lucky to spend it with the love of my life in the City of Love that year.

Went back to The Louvre at 8am to avoid crowd in our photo.

Bought the ticket online for 9am slot. #noqueuing

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

Wanted to take couple shot with back facing the camera but we saw some suspicious people lingering around us and we got super paranoid if we turn our back towards the camera, the camera will be gone in one second.

Returned to The Louvre at night.

Saw alot wedding photographers there and we copied their poses. lol

We needed to catch 7.23am train to Zurich.......


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