Friday 25 April 2014

Thailand - Bangkok : Rotfai Night Market

The most retro night market in Bangkok - Talad Rot Fai

"Talad" means market and "Rot Fai" means train in Thai. It literary means train market. It was previously located at an old and abandoned railway station near Chatujak Weekend Market. It is now moved to Seacon Square - not near any BTS station so better to take a cab there.

This place definitely is now one of my must go places in Bangkok. It is not the normal night market you see in Bangkok, instead it is a hottest retro lovers' hangout!

I would visit this place again to search for:
vintage collectibles
old paintings
antique furnitures
old classic vehicles
childhood games and toys
(*ok probably not unless my house theme is vintage-zen-retro-classic)

Turn in when you see this big signboard along the roadside.

This is the start of the night market where started the vintage atmosphere already! This is just a very small glimpse of what you going to see later.

My favourite Vespa~

First, we were greeted by these rows of stalls which sells snacks, cheap clothings and accessories. I have to admit that we were a little disappointed because we thought "huh, that's it? This is the retro night market?" We still continued walking... 

What I see is sugar, sugar and sugar...


Then we passed by this mini bar and saw this Mr Rilakkuma chilling lololo..

Super spacious night market!

childhood toys 

There was a crowd at one stall, of course being a typical Singaporean, I quickened my steps and to be a busybody. 

No wonder so crowded lah! These mad cute puppies were for sale! 

ahh so cute..they deserve another picture lol

What is there an abandoned train part doing here?

Then we continued walking.... then we saw.........

Oh man! The retro party finally started and so psyched that we did not give up half way and go home!

Love this sight - nicely lined up varieties type of antique cars cum stalls. Where could you ever see this sight in Singapore? 

This is my favorite vehicle of the day! It looks very new and sleek and I could just drive it off without to worry I would run out of beers lol

With the mini colourful disco ball, this place immediately transformed into a hip happening dining place!

Seems that I was in the "Back to the future" movie~

Out of nowhere... lol not suit the vintage theme leh..

Someone's home?

I was very overwhelmed about all the vintage stuffs that night. This totally can be the perfect spot on place  for "Back to the Future" sequel.

Rotfai Night Market
Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday 5pm onwards till 12mn
Address: Srinakarin Soi 51, behind Seacon Square. 
No nearby BTS station - best to take a taxi and tell driver to go Seacon Square if unsure.
Nearest BTS station: On Nut station but not walking distance
Around 150 bahts from platinum mall (by meter)

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Thailand - Bangkok : #FoodHoppingBKK ISAO

ISAO - One of the best Japanese fusion restaurants in Bangkok

Was strongly recommended by a friend whose brother lives in Bangkok for the longest time and told me I will not regret going to this Japanese fusion restaurant.

The location a little funny - not near any BTS station nor any shopping mall and is hiding in between shophouses. It is a 10 minutes walk on a straight road from Asoke BTS station and 2 minutes walk after a left turn into the alley. Although not perfect location, this place always full house!

Green tea 50 bahts

Start with simple appetizer first! On the left is mushroom maki and on the right is tuna maki. 

 For the vegetable lovers - Winter 350bahts
It is not rice roll, it is a cucumber roll! Definitely a good choice for health conscious people!

Soft shell crab maki - Spider roll 240bahts.
I mad love soft shell crab because no need to crack the hard shell to eat the meat inside lololo

New York cheese maki. Ok-ok taste for me.. was dipped with too much sauce that made it a little salty..

Here's come the highlight! This no doubt is my favourite dish! Shrimp tempura, ebiko, avocado wrapped with ebi in the shape of a caterpillar serving with its special sauce (secret recipe sauce I bet lol). Super appreciative of the chef being so creative on sushi presentation! 

I love it at the first bite into the sushi! This is what really "love at first bite" feels like! LOL

 For shrimps lovers -  Jackie 350 bahts

Go in a big group so you can order as many dishes to try! I'm missing it already~

Address: 5 Sukhumvit Soi 31 Bangkok, Thailand
Opening hours: 11am - 2.30pm, 5.30pm to 10pm daily
Nearest BTS station: Asoke station