Monday 31 March 2014

Thailand - Bangkok : #CafeHoppingBKK After You dessert cafe

Dessert Cafe - After You

The first thing you gonna notice about this dessert cafe is its super long queue. Being super kiasu Singaporean, of course queue right! #goodfoodofcoursemustwait lol

The first time I visited this dessert cafe was with my girlfriends at Siam Paragon's branch and we waited for at least 1.5 hour standing outside the cafe. We took turn to shop around. Do not think they accept reservation, otherwise, why would so many people crowd outside the premises. #clevermove

Lesson learnt. This time, we reached the cafe very early in the morning and I guess not many know of Central World's branch. No queue at all and we got to choose the seats we want lol.. #notgoodsignforthecafethough

desserts always the good start of the day~ sugar rush

Bf's favourite matcha latte 

My favourite mocha 115bahts

Shibuya Honey Toast 165bahts

If you do not know what to order still, try their signature Shibuya honey toast. Their toast indeed was well baked near to perfection. Outside was crispy but not too hard whereas inside was warm and soft but not so soggy that it could not take the weight of the vanilla ice cream on top. If you like even sweeter, can always add honey on top to bring out the buttery taste. 

Try the original flavour before trying any other flavour. Would be even better if we get to choose the flavour of the ice cream.. 

Hint: best served for 2-3 people. 

After You Dessert Cafe
Branch visited at Central World, Level 5
Nearest BTS station: Siam station

Monday 24 March 2014

Thailand - Bangkok : Maeklong Railway Market + Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Maeklong Station + Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Just days before our trip, I saw this floating market deal on one of the deals websites only for $26 per pax. I saw the same floating market prices on those local travel agents website was alot higher, not sure whether those local want to chop tourists or its really a good deal. I think its the former reason though lol.

Anyway, always email the travel agent to confirm the dates before buying the deal! They were quite prompt in replying email too.

We were very psyched for this half day tour as we have not been to a floating market before!

Had to wake up super early as the pick up timing was 6.45am.

Our first stop is this Maeklong railway market. It is a 90 minutes ride from the heart of Bangkok. It took more than that as we were stuck in the morning jam. What is so special about this railway market? It is one of the largest fresh seafood markets in Thailand and is centered around the railway tracks. Whenever a train approaches, the shoppers have to hop off the tracks and the vendors automatically move their stuff away from the rails and move back after the train has passed.

We were still early for the train so we went to explore this one of the freshest seafood markets which just opposite the station.

You can hardly find these scenes in Singapore anymore. 

what the hell is this?

While we were waiting for the train, we started to wander around to see there is any food to eat. Then we saw this food stall selling noodles! Bf was very skeptical about eating it but wth, this is what an adventurous tourist should do right - Do what the locals do, GO where the locals go and now is the part where EAT what the locals eat!

So I ordered chicken drumstick noodles for I think 25bahts only! It actually quite tasty and I finished it all! 

Some sort of flower flavour jelly. Wanted to try too but I saw bees flying around.. I scare they sting me when I open the jelly... lol

Suddenly the siren piercing through the air, we quickly ran towards the entrance and people were already crowded with cameras above their heads! The stall vendors quickly cleared their baskets skillfully and the locals scurried off the tracks and tourists stood infront of the train hoping to get a good shot of the train lol

I risked my life for taking this picture.

The market back to its original form in a flash and continued with their activities immediately after the train has passed. Impressive! 

OK. End of story....

Next up! To the floating market! Damnoen Saduak floating market is one of the famous and popular floating market in Bangkok. It is only a short ride from the Maeklong railway market. I feel the place is so tourists popular that it kind of loses the traditional feel of a floating market should have. Nonetheless, this is a major tourists destination in Bangkok.

Filled with boat vendors selling all sorts of stuff, namely fruits, drinks, vegetables, souvenirs and even cooked food. You might want to haggle the price for souvenirs a little as the first price they offered normally is tourist price.

The fruits looked so fresh and sweet!

Even live snake for sale! lol actually I dont know lah.. maybe snake show.. 


I read from many blogs that they have the best mango sticky rice and I wanted to try it since! This baby did not fail me at all! The mangoes were so sweet and the sticky rice is very flavorful but not too overly sticky! I did not add coconut milk though. 

50 bahts! I want to eat again! Saliva overloading... T.T

Then I saw this grilled banana stall, my eyes opened very widely again after the mango sticky rice. 

"Would you like to have some of my grilled bananas?"

Having high expectation, I fell quite hard on the ground.. 40 bahts

The grilled banana was quite dry as the moisture most probably dried up during the grilling process. It choked my throat that I have difficult time swallow them all, so I gave up after two or three pieces. SG's fried banana is so much better.....

This is the most raved coconut ice cream ever! 

Freshly made and served on the coconut husk. 30 bahts. 

Bf totally love this coconut ice cream! His mouth was full of this milky coconut taste after first spoon. I could even smell the coconut aroma from his mouth. He wanted to have another serving but I told him to try the one at Chatuchak market and compare. #Idontlikecoconuts

Tourists-congested floating market

Sunday 16 March 2014

Thailand - Bangkok : #FoodHoppingBKK Som Tam Nua

Som Tam Nua - Winner of Bangkok best som tam in 2010

Here is the most raved best som tam restaurant in Bangkok. Not only the locals love to come here, this is one of the must eat restaurants for tourists. Our next table was a group of Singaporeans taking out their camera phone to take photo before eat. Singaporean's style #LetCameraEatsFirst

Of course, this restaurant's signature dish is this som tam. Som tam is a green papaya salad made from shredded unripe papaya.

Tips to avoid long queues: Always go during less peak hours. =D 

Thai ice lemon tea 45 bahts

I totally adore this ice lemon tea! The fragrance, the taste and it may freeze your brain a little bit when you drink too fast lol. Super refreshing to drink on a hot summer afternoon!

Som Tam - Thai papaya salad 65bahts

With intense mixture of limes and chili, fresh papaya, crispy peanuts and chunks of cherry tomatoes bring out very well balance of sour,  spicy, salty and sweet taste in this simple dish. Totally live up to its famous name. 

sticky rice 

Thai rice flour noodles 25bahts.

It looked non spicy but we were completely wrong. The texture was very different from what I thought it should be. It was more like a dry sticky kway teow.. not my cup of tea kway teow..

Chicken with lemongrass 89bahts

Pork sausages 92bahts

Appearance okok only? Nooo...these sausages are surprisingly very good and very addictive! I almost finished them all by myself.

I would say probably 90% of the dishes are spicy. If you love spicy food, this is definitely the place for you! Otherwise, you can eat all the tomatoes and cucumbers that come with the dishes.. LOL

Som Tam Nua
Address: 392/14, Siam Square Soi 5, Rama 1 Rd, Pathum Wan, Pathum Wan, Bangkok, 10330
Opening hours: 10:45 am – 9:30 am
Nearest BTS station: Siam station
Direction: Alight towards Siam Square and turn into the small alley beside Bangkok bank

Friday 7 March 2014

#FoodHoppingSG : Cyclists' Heaven - Wheeler's Yard

Wheeler's Yard

Having a bf who loves cycling (probably more than me), this is like a heaven to him, okay to me as well that he can admire bicycles while I sip coffee. Perfect day for us!

It is at a strategic location where cyclists can cycle around the industrial area and rest at this place for a cup of coffee. The exterior looks like its a warehouse until you enter by its side door. This concept is similar to Chye Seng Huat Hardware store. Can not judge thing by their appearance, indeed.

There is limited parking space within the forecourt. Drivers, you may proceed to the nearest car park which is probably 5 minutes away. Also, the location is quite inaccessible for those people who do not drive or cycle. The owner probably wants to cater for cyclists only..........

It is functioning as both bicycle atelier and cafe. 


Wide selection of expensive urban bicycles

I suppose the waiter ride this to serve customers?

The back of the warehouse opens up to a park connector where cyclists dismount and push into the cafe. Clever, huh?

Coney dog ($13.90) and Hum bao bao ($20.90)

Espresso with milk ($5.00)

The quality of food does not justify for this kind of prices. I personally believe the hype is for its dual identities - bike shop cum cafe. However, I quite like the chillax atmosphere there. It is a great place to hang out with friends for the whole day.

Also, their proudest host party was that Burberry held gig at their cafe. This definitely beat all their competitors off the table. 

Wheeler's Yard
Address: Toa Payoh 28 Lor Ampas Singapore 328781

Opening hours: 
Mon: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm 
Wed - Sat: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm 
Sun: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Tel: +65 6254 9128