Monday 5 December 2016

China - Xi An : What to eat in Xi An

Xi An - Sep 2015

Drum Tower 西安鼓楼 is located in the heart of Xi An and offers incredible views of Xi An. 

It is next to the Muslim Quarter 回民街 where you can easy settle for dinner after a long day. You can find all the traditional must eat food in Muslim Quarter . 

Osmanthus flower tea cake 桂花糕

Kabobs 烤串儿

Soup Dumpling (灌汤包)

Yogurt milk 酸奶

Pork Sandwiched Between Pita Bread (肉夹馍). The queue was crazily long but it cleared up very fast. This is one of my favorites.

Stir Fried Bean Jelly  炒凉粉

This is my favourite of all but it was abit oily though. 

Cold Noodles 凉皮

This looks very carnivores.

HAHA it has this weird hairclip trend going on then.

I bought myself a couple of those. I think I looked like a mad woman LOL

stirred fried chilli potato

Biang Biang Mian looks our our mee hoon kuay

"Biang" is one of the most complex chinese character which does not exist in the chinese dictionary.

How the character came about:
你一扭 我一扭
你一长 我一长

Lastly, this was our last mac breakfast - luncheon meat crepes, soya milk and hashbrown.