Sunday 5 October 2014


Street Art by Artist Ernest Zacharevic and others in Singapore

I fell in love with street art ever since I seen them in Penang. I extremely admired the artist Ernest Zackarevic for his talent and his artistic imagination. I have read online that he usually stays in the city for a couple of weeks to observe the customs of the place before he starts on his artpiece on the wall.

In Singapore, most of his street art are done on the side walls of shophouses in Jalan Pisang and Jalan Klapa, facing Victoria Street.

Child peeping out of a "painted window"

Children playing in Supermarket Carts/Trolleys

...along Jalan Klapa, showing children wear angry bird tee shirts and play in supermarket carts, has a part of an actual trolley attached to it, with handles passers-by can grab on to and take picture with it.

Children somersaulting from boxes (I do not get it)

... continue walking along the pathway..

Giant girl caressing a lion cub

Then I turned into Arab street where there are interesting streetart done by others as well..

The above are all concentrated within the same area as I have circled in below map. Either walk up against the traffic from Bugis MRT or walk down along the traffic from Lavender MRT.

The other part of Singapore: at the intersection of Everitt Road and Joo Chiat Terrace

Alighting on Eunos MRT, walk along Still road towards Joo Chiat Terrace until the intersection of Joo Chiat Terrace and Everitt road. If you see a playground means you are very near to the art. Take a big look around, you definitely will not miss "Jousing Painters" as it is very prominently painted on the side wall of a terrace house.

Jousting Painters

I remember when I was young, I took household broom and "rode" on it under the pretense I was a witch

To the left of "Jousting Painters", there are 3 Minions painted on the bollards... Minions were popular that time lol

3 Minions Bollards

Are they bandits or the rubbish bins are really that smelly? hehe..

Share with me if there are other interesting streetart around Singapore!