Thursday 29 June 2017

Japan - Hokkaido : Otaru

Otaru - Feb 2016

Otaru is a small harbor city and is photo famous for its old warehouses along the beautifully preserved canal area. 

Otaru is exceptionally beautiful and magical during winter for its snow light path along the canal especially at its golden hours.

Then we headed to Otaru Uminekoy for lunch.

Heragani Crab Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce was recommended online.  It was alright..

Otaru Uminekoy (小樽 海猫屋 )
2 Chome-2-14 Ironai, Otaru, Hokkaido Prefecture 047-0031, Japan

After lunch, we slowly strolled to Sakaimachi Shopping Street where two sides are shophouses selling all sort of food and souvenirs.

We stopped by LeTAO which is one of the famous confectionery company in Hokkaido. Their most popular product is the cheesecake which is super light!


Cheese tart

The most prominent building at the crossroad is the Music Box Museum which is a museum of wide variety of music boxes. 

As the sky darkened, Otaru slowly lit up to a romantic and magical place.

The Otaru Snow Light Path Festival is a winter festival held every February in Otaru, during which the city becomes decorated in lights and small snow statues for ten days.

I dont know what is this but these wonderful Japanese were grilling this potatoes (i guess) and handed to all visitors. FEEL SO LOVED!

I love you Otaru. Thank you for being magical that day.