Thursday 1 January 2015

Indonesia - Bali : The Cursed Island day 2

Bali trip - July 2014

Day 2 (Monday)

I was looking forward to today's itinerary but I did not see the super bad jam coming. The horrible traffic jam was the only impression imprinted deeply in my mind. Not sure if I was unlucky or what.. 

"Hey, how was your Bali trip?"
"Not good. worst traffic jam ever in my life"
"Jam, jam, jam, jam, jam."

Probably this is the real curse that separates couples.

My #ootd

*hehe.. It is similar to Malay's henna which only lasts for a few weeks.

We have engaged a driver to fetch us to four destinations but we only managed to go half of our itinerary. =(
Lake Bratan 
Tengalalang Rice Terrace + Ubud market centre (missed)
Catch sunset at Tanah Lot 
Dinner at Kudeta (missed)

I would very much appreciate people inform me of the traffic jam beforehand but nobody did. 
Per google map, from my hotel to Lake Bratan takes maximum 1hour20minutes. We took estimated 2 hours to reach the destination at around 10.30am.

Morning weather was unexpectedly freezing so we bought pashmina from the nearby stalls. The sky was a little gloomy too.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

The awesome sun was hiding behind the gloomy sky. 

We were very lucky as it only drizzled for a short while. Otherwise, we were not able to continue our tourist itinerary in peace.

obligated jump shot

Morning mist..

We left Lake Bratan and supposed to head to Tengalalang rice terraces and Ubud market center. However, the driver advised us to change our itinerary due to the terrible traffic jam so not to miss the sunset watching at Tanah Lot. Unwillingly, we accepted the driver's suggestion and let him to decide for our lunch. 

He brought us to an alternative place where we could oversee rice paddy field. We were jam for another 2 hours. Lunch at around 1.30pm.

While waiting for our lunch, Bf went to explore the field.

Soto ayam Rp35,500
Crispy duck Rp95,500
Smoked duck Rp115,000
Watermelon juice Rp25,500

We finished our lunch as fast as possible as we did not wish to miss the sunset. The sun sets around 6.30pm. We set off from the restaurant around 2pm and hoping we can go Ubud market center to shop for awhile. The driver again told us that there is a similar Balinese night market at Tanah Lot where it sells exactly the same stuff at Ubud market center.

It seems like the traffic jam was never ending. We stuck in the jam for another 3 hours and finally reached Tanah Lot at 5pm. We were super early for the sunset.

my favourite grilled corn!

Grilled corn at Koh Samui still the best la~

You will have bad luck if you accidentally step on these offerings on the ground.

yays, we were finally going to watch sunset off the famous rock formation in Bali!

The temple sits on a large offshore rock which has been shaped continuously over the years by the ocean tide. Visitor are able to walk on the shore towards the temple only on low tides. Otherwise, visitors can look down from a cliff at the magnificent temple on the left and to watch the beautiful sunset on the right.

Low tide!

For a small donation, visitors can be blessed with holy water by priest and able to walk around the side on a path that eventually leads up to the temple.

Pirate-ship kite

The sunset was a little disappointing though.

For the record, we watched the sunset together at Tanah Lot! #fingercrossed

We left around 7pm and thought it was too late for our dinner at Kudeta. We were physically tired of the traffic jam so we decided to head back to our hotel and have dinner near our hotel. We stuck in the car for another 2 hours and paid extra for overtime.

For total of 13 hours, we have been stuck in the car for 9 hours. ~.~" 

The road back to the hotel was very dark with no streetlights and filled with trees on both sides of the car which made the road even darker and quiet. The only light on the 2 way streets was the cars' headlights and brake light. Our car passed by one private house on sale and I vividly remember that it was very secluded surrounded by big trees and the sign wrote "Happy Valley on sale". My bf saw me turn my head back to the front with no special facial expression so he asked me to look at the house again. I saw nothing. He paused for awhile and asked me if I see a mannequin standing upright on the advertisement board. I shook my head and we remained silence for the rest of the journey. Until we reached town area and I asked "How could a mannequin manage to stand on the thin advertisement board?"

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