Sunday 11 January 2015

Indonesia - Bali : The Cursed Island day 3

Bali trip - July 2014

Day 3 (Tuesday)

We were looking through online what kind of water sports we could play in Bali before the trip and we came across this seawalker promotion on Seawalker sounds very interesting to a non swimmers like me who likes to play water sports. 

Basically, sea walker submerges onto the bed of the sea (only around 10meter) with a helmet connected to oxygen tank. The sea water does not enter the helmet under the strong air pressure. Sea walker hence is able to walk around the seabed comfortably. Sea walker is able to see and touch more fishes than snorkeling.

Original price is around USD95 and promotion price is SGD65. #buynowtalklater

We engaged the same driver as yesterday and we already expected their worse-than-ever traffic jam. We took around 45minutes to reach Wibisana Marine Adventures. We were surprised of the short time taken although it is already double the normal estimated time according to googlemap. #sometimeswordsdontsaytooearly

Good morning Bali~

On our way to the spot where we sea walk!

Then the sky suddenly started to drizzle and the waves started to be very rough too. 

our guide for the day

our "astronaut" helmet

sea sick after sea walking lol

still very ecstatic

We saw this on our way back to the shore! Flying fish!! 

It is a banana boat kind of float where people is lying on it and it is tied to a power boat. Two people sits on either side of the float as the aerodynamics theory from the high speed of the power boat makes it fly from the sea.

We immediately signed ourselves up upon reaching the shore!

We also signed up for parasailing! Best bird eye view of the island!

Till date, I have tried banana boat, kayak, jetski, snorkeling, sea walking and parasailing. I feel parasailing is the best!

Wibisana Marine Adventures
Seawalker USD95
Flying fish USD35
Parasailing USD25

After our water sports, our driver drove us to lunch. We fell into deep sleep in the car as we were too exhausted from the water sports. When we woke up, we were still stuck in the traffic jam. It took us total of 1 hour to reach Warung Nyoman restaurant.

Left - Rainbow (watermelon, orange, melon and soda)
Right - Lime squash (lime, syrup and soda)

Both are very refreshing!!

Beef stroganoff Rp70,000

Ayam panggang warung nyoman (grilled half spring chicken with warman's sauce) Rp62,000

Warung Nyoman
Nusa Dua Jl. Pratama 66X

Then we off to spa near restaurant that our driver recommended to us. The price was on the high side and nothing special. #soskipthispart

After our spa, we finally on our road to Uluwatu temple for sunset viewing again~

Time checked: took us around 1+hr to reach Uluwatu temple around 5.30pm. We were still in time for sunset.

more satisfying sunset =D!

clear face clashes with sunset shot

We quickly be seated down to watch kecak fire dance performance with sunset as its background.
Kecak and Fire Dance 

Good night Uluwatu cliff temple~ You have the most stunning sunset in Bali! You are officially my favorite place in Bali.

Per itinerary, we were supposed to dine at Jimbaran where it is very famous to dine on the beach with sunset. It is a very gorgeous place where everybody praises. However, we have already missed the prime timing to dine (during sunset) so we decided to head back to our hotel.

Sigh again, the journey back to hotel took us 3hours. We were super sian~ had to pay driver overtime again. 

Anyway, we went to have seafood near our hotel! We knew their seafood is very fresh and cheap in Bali so we decided to give it a try since Jimbaran also sells seafood as well. #noprawn,fishalsogood!

Hungry and irritated face due to heavy traffic jam

Seafood feast at only Rp350,000!! I think quite worth it!

They were exceptionally delicious! I do not fancy squid but I think this squid is GOOD. Prawn too! #maybeweweretoohungry

I heard from my friends that jimbaran would have cost Rp1,000,000 for similar seafood plate. I guess customer pays for the amazing sunset and beautiful beach as well..

#noneedgojimbaranlah #veryoverpriced

Day 4 (Wednesday)

Today was our last day hence we decided to slack at their beach and explore further their town area.

Their jam is so bad that it happens any time any where. 

Super good weather~

water surfing~

Happy 9th =)

 Our lunch cum dessert

Left - Apple mojito Rp28,000
Right - Lime soda Rp28,000

 Sausage and cheese pancake Rp46,000

Decadence chocolate pancake with kiwi ice cream Rp54,000

I thought we will never experience the worse traffic jam ever but I guess they wanted us to have one last time. On lucky day, it only take maximum 10 minutes from our hotel to airport. It took us 45 minutes and we were almost late for our plane ~.~ Thank you ah Bali.

I guess I will not come back to Bali in short notice unless their traffic become better or I just stay at the nearest beach will do. 

*reminder. Prepare Rp200,000 for departure airport tax each. They only accept Rupiah.

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