Friday 13 September 2013

Taiwan Day 2 (Kaohsiung) : Fo Guang Shan 佛光山

7D Taiwan trip December 2012 : Kaohsiung + Taipei

Good Morning Kaohsiung! Love the view from my balcony. Wouldn't it be perfect if this is the view from my window back home?
View from Migo Hostel. The building on the right is the highest building in Kaohsiung. Tuntex Sky Tower 高雄85大樓

Our first stop - Fo Guang Shan 佛光山 - the largest and the oldest Buddhist monastery in Taiwan. In chinese, it literary means "Buddha Light Mountain". 
If you are on the trip with elderly, then this is definitely one of the must-stop places in Kaohsiung.

Fo Guang Shan 佛光山
4 pagodas on each side of the Great Path to Buddhahood towards the Buddha statue

We were surprised to see couples were taking wedding photo here. They also offer as a wedding dinner venue. obamanotbadface.jpeg

The Big Buddha

Lunch @ Vegetarian restaurant 
Fo Guang Shan 佛光山
Address: No.153, Xingtian Rd., Dashu Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
Direction: Take bus 8010/8011 from Kaohsiung main station at the bus interchange. 

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