Sunday 2 March 2014

Thailand - Bangkok : A-Not-So-Chocolaty's Chocolate Ville

Chocolate Ville - Dining in the Park

This name is very very misleading. It does not sell any chocolate related stuff nor even the houses are made of chocolate (how I wish they are though!). When I heard this place recommended by my friend, I was very skeptical about going there.

"Chocolate Ville"? No, it does not sound very intriguing at all. In my mind, it appears as a bigger version of Hershey chocolate shop at USS. I am so glad that I went there in the end as it totally proved me wrong 360 degree!

It is a little out of town. It's around 30-45min cab drive from hotel which was near Platinum Mall depending on the traffic.

We were welcomed by this european-feel windmill plus perfect weather, my mood and my eyes immediately brightened up!

LOL Bf was mimicking the below scene....

Every spot is a good spot for photography!

Before we even enter the ville, we were already greeted by so pretty sight already! It totally does not feel like you are in Bangkok! 

Upon entering, we saw this restaurant on our left which extended its wing on the lake. It has a concept of "Dining in the Park". This restaurant monopolies the whole chocolate ville.

This lighthouse is located in the center of the whole ville. It allows people to climb up to the top so you can have a 360 degree panoramic scenic view.

Stunning view from the lighthouse

Outdoor dining with old style European ambience accompanied by oldies music. If you are lucky, you might see some swans swimming on the lake. 

Am I seriously in Bangkok?

Coconut cake

Thai milk tea crepe cake 

Being the only restaurant in this village, of course the prices are not cheap at all but I am unable to recall the prices...

This is by far the best place to hold a wedding banquet. Romantic settings, occasional birds chirping and swans swimming elegantly on the lake.. sounds like Cinderella hor? lol

I am still very much mesmerized by this place. A mini town in fairy tale. Many people had their wedding and graduation photoshoot here.

Best time to visit this place is just before sunset, that is why it is only opened from 4pm daily. This way, you can take clear photo of the infrastructure during the day, catch the sunset and have romantic dinner by the lake after lights up.

This place is actually quite difficult to take a cab back to town so you might want to book a cab to/fro. Cab fare was quoted 350 bahts from the hotel to Chocolate Ville but we were worried about getting a cab back so we asked the driver to wait for us and drive us to another destination after that. Total cab fare was 900 bahts. It was a little expensive but considering the waiting time and 2 destinations, I think quite acceptable.

Chocolate Ville
Address: Kaseth nawamin, Bangkok, Thailand 10230
Opening hours: Daily 4:00 pm - 12:00 am
Entrance fee: Free
Call 083-077-3738 or 081-921-2016 for dinner reservation

(source: Print this map to show the cab driver.

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