Monday 9 May 2016

Japan - Kawaguchiko (Mount Fuji)

Japan : Mount Fuji - May 2015


I set an alarm at 4am to see the sunrise but I totally missed it -.- until my mother woke us up at 6am saying she could see mount fuji already.

6am already so bright. Finally we could see a little of Mr Mount Fuji.

Quickly went down with slippers to take more pictures with Mr Mount Fuji.

Then more cloud came.... -.-

We quickly got changed and took hotel's free shuttle back to kawaguchiko station to Fuji Shibazakura festival. Didnt know what got into my mind that I wore a denim shorts... cold die me.. dont be like me..

The weather was very misty cloudy from the station to the festival site. We immediately headed to the souvenir shop once we reached the place because it was too damn cold.

Piping hot sweet potato.

Then I decided to brave myself out the souvenir shop to see the flowers.

Morning dew

The mist on and off -.-

Waiting for the mist to go away...

The sky started to clear up but still not clear enough to see Mr Mount Fuji. SAD

Mr Mount Fuji should be at the back of us...

We had to rush for the bus back to Tokyo so we left in disappointment.

Mr Mount Fuji only reappeared when on our way back to hotel -,-

Love hate relationship

Kawaguchiko bus station