Tuesday 30 August 2016

NDP 2016 - “Building our Singapore of Tomorrow”

NDP 2016 - “Building our Singapore of Tomorrow”

My last live NDP preview was 3 years ago when bf got the tickets. This year, my brother was lucky enough to win the tickets - I have to admit that I have been consistently balloting for NDP tickets with all my families' particular and have not been win once with my name.

Ironically, the preview date was coincidentally fell on my wedding day -.-" (dont know wanna cry or wanna laugh).
I managed to exchange tickets with one kind soul on carousell. YAYs!

This year was a little bit special as it was held back to our National Stadium.

Our last NDP as two single and available people

We was a little disappointed as some of the standard performances (eg. the lions parachuting, navy performance and outdoor fireworks view was blocked) were replaced with other mass performance due to venue constraint.

However, they replaced with Indoor Fireworks and some high tech 3D Projection Displays which portrays how Singapore could look like in the future. It gave us a refreshing experience and definitely fit the futuristic theme.

These are some of the video I took during the preview.

National day songs combination

Indoor ending finale

I am a fan of fireworks and have been camping to see fireworks for the past few years. So tadah, here we are again camping outside waiting for the beautiful fireworks.

Outdoor fireworks

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