Friday 29 November 2013

Korea - Jeju : Mysterious Road + Yongduam Rock

Korea trip Oct 2013

This was our itinerary for Jeju Island.
Star: Jeju Grand Hotel
A: Jeju International Airport
B: Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak)
C: Seongeup Folk Village
D: Cheonjeyeon Falls 
E: Jusangjeolli Cliff
F: Teddy Bear Museum
G: Nanta show
H: Mysterious Road
I: Yongduam Rock

Mysterious Road (Dokkaebi Road)

What is so mysterious about this road to name itself a mysterious road and now has became a tourist attraction? 

From eyes level, it seems like it is a upwards sloping road ahead. When our coach off its engine at the start of the mysterious road, logically it should roll backwards, however surprisingly it actually rolling uphill at its neutral gear.

This road actually has a 3 degree downward slant but due to the surrounding terrain that creates this optical illusion that it appears like a uphill slope. It has nothing to do with the gravity. The road is around 200 metres I guess. Optical illusion can be further experience in Trick Art Museum in Korea.

Is this uphill or downhill?

You can also buy can drinks and put on the road and see which way will it roll to. 

Mysterious Road (Dokkaebi Road)
Address: Jeju-si Nohyeong-dong 289-15

Korean ginseng chicken soup at butterfly themed restaurant

The owner must be loving butterfly the most

One whole ginseng chicken each! After I took out the drumsticks, a big fly flew into the soup direction and stuck there.... ~.~ Managed to change another bowl and now I have 4 drumsticks! The restaurant gave all of us a glass of ginseng wine too. One bowl of ginseng chicken was too much for a person as it has glutinous rice within the chicken and vermicelli as side dish.

Yongduam Rock (Dragon Head Rock)

This is just like the Queen's head in Taiwan. 

According to the legend of Korea, black dragons brings bravey, hope and good luck.

This Yongduam symbolises the black dragon from the ancient times. People believe that wishes come true if they are made here. *make a wish*

Yongduam Rock (Dragon Head Rock)
Address: Yongdamroteo-ri Yongdam-2dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

We took a flight back to Incheon Airport. It seems that we have not explored enough in Jeju Island. =( and I have missed out manjanggul cave......

First meal back in Seoul

It mainly cabbage + chicken + rice + seaweed. It actually was quite tasty!

Next destination of the day: Namiseom Island! I was initally very looking forward but was turned out a little disappointment..

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