Monday 7 December 2015

Japan - Kyoto : Fushimi-Inari Shrine

Japan : Kyoto - May 2015

Day 4

We have been seeing people wearing kimonos (usually only girls) on the street and we managed to find a rental shop a few stops away from our apartment hoping to rent for the day. However, we were too last min and this rental shop required an appointment. SO SAD!

Actually we were quite happy that I did not mange to rent the kimono before we visit Fushimi Inari Shrine otherwise I would be died of walking all the stairs~

So pretty neh~

800yen each to write wishing.

These are Omikuji - fortune telling paper slips found at many shrines and temple

Omg Japanese are so creative! My favourite is the man in sunglasses in the middle. 

This is the start of the torii gates. I angled this photo so that I could cut away all the heads because there was a filming going on and we were stuck there for a while. The pair of foxes that are found on each side of a shrine's entrance are called as Komainu.

Let's get started~

Fushimi-Inari is an entire world of shrines and torii gates spread across an entire mountain in Kyoto.
 The trails lead into the wooded forest of the sacred Mount Inari which stands at 233 meters.

The names and dates on the torii gates are the donations by individuals and companies.

The cost starts around 175,000 yen for a small sized gate and increases to over one million yen for a large gate.

Purification trough in the middle of the mountain

The air was so fresh as we were climbing up. Climb a mountain at temperature of 15 degree celcius was just too perfect!

We spent half of the time taking pictures lol

Finally we reached the peak of the mountain!

Inari Shrines are dedicated to Inari, the kami of rice. They can be recognized by fox statues, as the fox is considered the messenger of Inari. There are thousands of Inari Shrines across Japan, among which Kyoto's Fushimi Inari Shrine is most famous.

Heading back down

Mini food stalls at the foot of the mountain. 

We wanted to try this matcha mochi but it was sold out by the time we ordered.

Heading back to the train station.

Goodbye Fushimi Inari, we had lots of fun today!

My lunch~ sakura onigiri.

sibeh buddy buddy lol

Fushimi-Inari Shrine 伏見稲荷大社
Admission: Free 
Direction: 5min walk from Inari Station, JR Nara line 
10min walk from Fushimi Inari Station, Keihan line


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