Thursday 24 December 2015

Japan - Kyoto : My first kimono experience in Kyoto

Japan : Kyoto - May 2015

Day 4 continue from Fushimi-Inari Shrine

We went back to Sannen-zaka and Ninen-zaka again as bf wanted to realise my dream of wearing a kimono before we leave Kyoto with regret. We saw couple of rental shops when we were there the other day so we wanted to try if we could rent it in short notice.

We were very grateful that today was a sunny day

Yays! I managed to rent the cheapest one at 30k yen for the whole day with handbag and clogs. If rent at the start of the day then more worth it lah but I do not think can wear the whole day because it was so so so suffocating with so many layers.

The cheapest kind only have the plains one or this stripe kind rather than those very fanciful with big flowers.

Tada~ I tied the braids myself. Hahaha I very budget~ I started to realise that I look those the slaves because too plain already lol

Bf didnt rent his samurai outfit because even more plain than girls - only dark navy colour. lol

"A day trip with my friends and I" lol I totally could blend in right~

We walked around the vicinity to take "I am here" pictures. 

 We were so lucky to saw this couple taking wedding photo in their traditional kimono.

I spent like 30min to wear this kimono after layers and layers so must make my money worth lol


We walked for quite a distance from the rental shop and we only left like 1 hour before it closes. We ended up flagging for a cab knowing that it will be costly - initial price already S$8. To our surprise, the cab door was opened by the driver with just a button and it is very unrespectful if we open the door ourselves. On the way back to the rental shop, the driver still tried to explain the street names and the famous tourist places with his very minimal english. We were very impressed by their services! 

Last shot before I got changed out of kimono.

We continued to stroll around Sannen-zaka and Ninen-zaka where it filled with people wearing kimono like a norm.

Our favourite warabi mochi again

Our last day in Kyoto. =(

We headed to Gion where we were hoping to see geisha there but instead we saw this lol.

This lake is said to be famous and best to see during sakura period.

*emo because we did not manage to see any geisha there.

This ended our first city in Japan. I got to say my favourite city in Japan is Kyoto where the pace is so much slower and more peaceful than Tokyo. The people there are all very nice and polite that they made us feel at home.