Sunday 30 November 2014

Hong Kong : Muscle Man wanton mee + Sha Tin Racecourse + Oystermine Restaurant

Hong Kong trip - May 2014

Muscle Man 大隻佬麵家

Why the name? Take a look at the chef aka the owner when you are there, he is a very muscular guy with tattoo on his body. Reminds me of the Andy Lau show.

It was very crowded during lunch time. Tourists have to learn from the locals to squeeze in, take queue number, stand near the door and listen intently for your number to be called. Otherwise, you might miss your number. We waited for approximately 20 minutes. 

The area was not very big but they used their space very cleverly. They placed as many seats in the cafe as possible to house as many customers at one time. It is also their culture to share table with strangers. I guess this is how they meet new people in life lol.

炸鱼皮 HK$14

This was very good. The proper way to eat this is to dip this with the soup. Damn salty damn good. lol

Wonton 云吞 HK$28

Dumplings 水饺 HK$28

Wonton noodles 云吞面 HK$28

Actually I did not know wanton mee is a cantonese cuisine until now. =X

I like to drink soup at a high temperature. The soup here was steamy hot and I like it! I like the noodles and the wonton but I like it better if less oily.

It was quite stressful to eat in Hong Kong as they would stare at you and the people queuing outside would stare at you as well. I like to eat my food at my own pace with time to take pictures lah..

Muscle Man 大隻佬麵家
Address: G/F, 97 Hak Po Street, Mong Kok
Nearest MTR station: Mong Kok East station
Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 11:30am-10:30pm Sun Closed
Tel: +852 2363 2838

Sha Tin Racecourse 沙田馬場

Sha Tin Racecourse is one of the two racecourses for horse racing in Hong Kong.

I always see my father watch horse racing at home and would like to see it in real life. Also to do my father a favour by betting it at the real place.

Gloomy day again..

We went there on a weekday afternoon.. apparently these people no need to work as well =)

When I was queuing up at the ticketing counter, I did not know how to buy bet for the game. I picked up a bet paper and just coloured my favourite 3 numbers. My friend still continued to analyse the game and the odds.. lol need so serious de meh..

 Game started!! CHIONG AH!! or in cantonese "shiong ah 上啊!!"

At this point of time, my number was actually the first! I was like "wow am I really that lucky or not!!??" and I gave a despised eye contact to my friend.

Then dont know why my horse started to slow down or other horses started to catch up..

Turned out my friend's horse won. Chey.. the winning amount also not that much.. He used his winning to buy another bet and so lost it as well. game over.. lol *sore loser*

Oh yes, one more thing, please bring your passport and check for race schedule.

So I guess 
analysing odds 
really works...

Sha Tin Racecourse 沙田馬場
Nearest MTR station: Sha Tin
Admission Fee: HK$10


Finally, I thought I get to meet my super idol in person and not during fanmeet. I have met Pornsak at his Porn's Thai restaurant in Singapore, not meet Jay Chou at his 2 restaurants in Taiwan and so this time I should meet Bosco Wong at his restaurant in Hong Kong right?

My friend was so nice to accompany me there after dinner.

*blush smile*

It was shocking empty in his restaurant on a Sunday late night. His restaurant is quite high class that sells mostly champages, wines and oysters.

*look around vigorously but no sight of him* 

We were full from the dinner before so we only ordered soup and one bottle of champagne while waiting for him. I still stood very firmly that he would come. lol

I do not remember what champagne that we ordered because we both have no idea as well hahaha..I only remember it was pricy.. 

Interior of the restaurant

Ok lor.. we already finished 3/4 of the bottle and he still did not show up yet.. we gave up after 1+ hour and went back to our apartment.. 

damn him

Ok.. probably Pornsak has lesser workload than the other two celebrities... the probability of meeting Jay Chou may be 0% but Bosco Wong... sigh.. got to be at least 30% lor.. ok I need to go his restaurant another 2 or 3 times.. 

Address: G/F., 57 Nam Kwok Road, Kowloon City
Not near to MTR station
Nearest MTR station: Lok Fu station (1.5km away)
Tel: +852 2382 8234
Opening hours: daily 5pm to 2am

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