Sunday 24 September 2017

Greece 2017

I just gotten back from Greece!

This trip really changed my husband's and my impression of Greece. My husband always thought Greece was a relatively unsafe country given its recent economic crisis and would not want to go there on our own. After doing a lot of researches, we decided to give it a try as we saw a lot positive reviews on tripadvisor and it should be doable as long as we are connected to the internet. Basically we just googled everything.

I have been connecting with my friends through whatsapp as well as sharing my good and bad experience in Greece on Instagram. #ifelldownandsprainedmyrightankleomg
My husband even helped to book accomodation for his parents who overlooked and didnt book accomodation for their last day in Thailand in the middle of the vacation. Also, everywhere we go in Santorini, Mykonos & Athens, we will just use google map.

We could not have done it so smoothly without my trusty and affordable global SIM from Mobile U - which provides 12GB for 30days at just S$62. #myowndataplaninSGonly3gbnia

As a typical adult who cannot live without staying connected with the internet and hate going through all the trouble of registering for roaming and keeping track of how much data I have used to avoid over usage. 12 GB is really more than enough for both my husband and I and still have 20% data left when we have been using it excessively during the whole trip. This SIM card is also easy to use, just slot it in and connect to any available carrier at your country of visit and you will have mobile data available. There is no need to sms or call any numbers to activate it unlike some other foreign SIM cards we have tried.

Here are some of the photos that I shared in my Instagram!

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