Saturday 16 September 2017

Japan - Hokkaido : Tomamu

Tomamu - Feb 2016

Tomamu is not very near Sapporo so if not staying overnight at Tomamu, have to plan the time well due to infrequent JR trains. 

I insisted to come to Tomamu for their Ice Village - a city of ice that appears only in winter in Tomamu. The ice village is free and open to the public so dont worry if you are staying there.

Ice Village only opens at 7pm and we reached slightly early so we hang out at their hotel enjoying their free wifi.

All visitors have to slide down to enter the ice village lol so fun!

Ice Chapel. OMG This is so cool and pretty. 

And there was actually a wedding ceremony going on in there!

The groom and the bride!

We wish u a lifetime of happiness!

This is the Ice Hotel where visitors have to book in far advance in order to stay here.

Ice Bar

Giant marshmallow!

Roasting marshmallow in the snow



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